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Zippy Vend

Zippy Vend

Your employees will be more productive if they can access snacks, drinks, or fresh food. You can rest assured that our custom vending solutions will be a perfect fit for your business, thanks to our unwavering dedication to customer service.

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Zippy Vend, based in Tacoma, WA, is a vending company that provides premium snacks and products.

We take care of critical issues such as inventory tracking and stocking, as well as maintenance of vending machines.

All it takes is the free installation of your machines and ongoing service management.

A vending service agent will be assigned next to ensure that your machines are always stocked and in good working order.

You can rest assured that our inventory management technology tracks every transaction and helps you determine which snacks are most popular with your customers or employees.


  • Phone

  • (253) 352 2226

  • Location

  • 748 Market St. 

    Ste. 156


    Washington, 98402

  • Hours

  • Monday - Friday: 10 AM to 7 PM

    Saturday: 12 PM to 2 PM

    Sunday: 12 PM to 2 PM

    Transform Your Breakroom


    Drink Vending Machines

    Drink vending machines are a convenient way to get your favorite beverage on the go. We stock our machines with the best brands and offer a variety of flavors and sizes. Plus, our machines are easy to use and accept all major credit cards making it convenient to get your drinks on the go.

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    Snack Vending Machine AMS 39 Zippy Vend

    Snack Vending Machines

    Looking for a quick and easy snack option? Check out our selection of vending machines stocked with all your favorite snacks! These machines are perfect for your busy employees. Whether your employees want something sweet or savory, you're covered. With options for every budget and taste, snack vending machines are a great way to satisfy your employees' hunger without breaking the bank. Our machines are easy to use and accept all major credit cards.

    See Snack Vending Machines

    Micro Markets

    Micro markets are an innovative new way for businesses to provide on-site food and beverage options for their employees. Micro markets offer a convenient, one-stop shopping experience for busy employees who don't have time to leave the office for lunch. With fresh, healthy food options, snacks, and a variety of drink choices, micro markets are a great way to promote employee wellness and productivity.

    See Micro Markets

    What Our Clients Are Saying


    Zippy Vend is a great service!

    It is a vending service that delivers fresh products to multiple locations. The service is reliable, and the drivers are always friendly and happy to help. The drivers are on time, and the service is fast, so I never have stale products.

    David King - Healthcare Client


    Saves Time And Money

    They offer various services and products, and the service doesn't have hidden fees. I have been using Zippy Vend for over a year, and I love it.

    Patricia Santos - Hospitality Client


    Top Notch Quality

    Zippy Vend is my go-to company for vending services. Zippy Vend provides me with quality products, outstanding customer service, and excellent service with a smile. I love that I can have my product delivered and that they have so many options. I love having a consistent, quality product that I can rely on and trust.

    Brandon Yamahiro - Business & Industry Client


    Easy To Use

    Zippy Vend is an innovative vending services company focused on quality. The company helps small business owners by providing vending machines and support services to increase employee morale. Zippy Vend was easy to use, and the machines were efficient and well-maintained. I recommend this to any small business owner looking to save money and time with vending services.

    Pauline Patterson - Education Client


    Increased Employee Engagement

    I am always looking for ways to take my business to the next level, and Zippy Vend has given me the power to do just that. It has helped me grow my business and made it possible to engage my employees.

    Susan Petrovitski - Business & Industry Client


    It's The Best Vending Service I've Ever Used

    Zippy Vend is the best vending service I have ever worked with. The machines are always clean and well-maintained. They are reliable and make deliveries on time. We also love that the prices are affordable. This service is perfect for anyone looking for a vending option for their employees and clients.

    Pierre Tillett - Hospitality Client 

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    Advantages Of Vending Machines & Micro Markets

    Vending machines are convenient for customers because they provide a quick and easy way to purchase food and beverages. The best locations for vending machines are in high-traffic areas. Vending machines offer various food and beverage options, including candy, chips, cookies, soft drinks, and coffee. The advantages of including vending machines in your break room are increased productivity, boosts in employee morale, and convenience for residents, patients, employees, or customers.

    Micro Markets are a great way for businesses to provide employees with a convenient and affordable way to purchase snacks and drinks. The self-checkout kiosk makes it easy for customers to pay for their items, and the variety of available items means there is something for everyone. The Micro Market also offers a loyalty program, so customers can earn points every time they purchase. Having a micro market at your location limits the need for employees to leave the premises, reducing many time-based issues such as returning late from lunch breaks.


    Breakroom - Zippy Vend

    Our Dedication To Service


    The warranty, the guarantee, and the fact that we have extended business hours are some reasons Zippy Vend is the most reliable vending service company.


    One of the core values of Zippy Vend is leadership. Through empowering others and developing a positive work environment through vending, we can help to inspire and influence employees positively.


    With values such as collaboration, the development of relationships, and a focus on customer satisfaction, putting people first has led to Zippy Vends success.


     Utilizing Zippy Vend as part of your workplace wellness program will allow employees to address normal stresses, work productively, and realize one's highest potential.


    Consistently meeting client expectations by providing unrivaled service and high-quality snacks and beverages has led to Zippy Vend being the standard for vending service companies.


    New ideas, new products, and new methods of delivering snacks and drinks through vending machines and micro markets make Zippy Vend unique.

    Partner With Zippy Vend And Enjoy Our Award Winning Service

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